The 9 Step Engineering Process

The engineering process is a set of steps that engineers must follow to create and construct an item. There are many different versions of engineering processes with fewer or additional steps. However, they all follow a similar pattern. In this article we’ll look at a 9 step engineering design process used by engineers to solve specific problems.

The first step in the engineering design process is http://emjay-eng.com/how-useful-are-data-room-providers/ defining the problem. This is an important step, as a failure to clearly and precisely define the issue can cause delays at a later point in the design process. Sometimes, the solution to a problem will naturally arise during this step. For example when students were asked to design a way to secure their lunch hooks onto the desk’s bottom, they came up with an easy solution of attaching a hook to the bottom of the desk.

The next step is to conduct an analysis of requirements to identify the exact requirements of the customer and the resources available. This will help you develop a detailed list of project requirements and constraints. If a client wants something that can handle 20 pounds, the engineer will calculate the maximum weight the system can handle and the size of the hook to ensure that it can hold all the lunches for all the students.

The next phase, called design the synthesis or design planning, is when the details are defined and the design for the final product is created. This involves establishing the inputs, outputs and interconnections of the various modules that form the entire system. This stage includes Gantt and Pert chart, resource loading spreadsheets and drawings, sketches and proof-of-concept models.

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