Making Learning a Part of Life in the Digital Age

The digital revolution has led to the replacement of many of our traditional methods of learning and working. This is happening outside and inside the classroom. It is evident that a brand new learning model must be developed. How can this be achieved? It’s not just about the creation of digital infrastructures to support learning but will also need to address the fundamental questions of what education and learning is for the long awaited digital innovations by data room in the near future.

This article explores ways to make learning an integral part of life in the digital age, drawing on the research and teaching expertise of researchers and teachers from around the globe. This article is targeted at learners (including parents and students) educators, curriculum designers as well as technology experts and researchers in the field of learning sciences, and the decision-makers.

There are a variety of opinions about what a digital-age education should be. However there is a general consensus that we should support the co-evolution between learning and technology for communication. This should include exploring opportunities for radical new ways of thinking about learning, as well as establishing new methods that are supported by modern communications technologies.

The fact that the majority of the applications of information technology in education remain a “gift-wrapping” form (Fischer 1998) is among the most significant challenges. These technologies are added to existing frameworks, including instructionism and fixed curriculum. They can also be used as a complement to decontextualized or uncontextualized learning. Many comparative studies employ an environment that is a face-to-face base. This restricts the study to specific tasks and functions that are only accessible digitally.

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