How to Facilitate a Successful Online Board Meeting

A board meeting online is an excellent way directors to be part of the decision-making process without having travel. However, just like any other meeting, there are a few challenges that can make the online my site meeting less effective than in-person meetings. For instance, internet connections can become slow or devices may reboot at inconvenient times. If you follow the best practices to facilitate productive virtual meetings, however, you can ensure streamlined workflow and a strong connection between board members.

A clear agenda is the first step towards the success of an online meeting. An agenda that is clear and with each topic clearly defined will improve effectiveness and keep the meeting on track throughout its duration. The agenda should be distributed to attendees at least a week before the meeting so that they can look it over and give feedback. This will give attendees the opportunity to write questions or conduct research prior to the meeting.

During the actual meeting, the chair must be attentive to everyone. This will prevent one person from dominating the discussion. All attendees must utilize a microphone and speak clearly. The chair should also be aware of any person who has difficulties using the technology and encourage them speak up. The chair should also not rely on slides to communicate information during the meeting. Slides can be distracting and frequently take up too much time to read.

When the meeting is finished the chair should be certain to take notes of the meeting and keep them to be able to refer to them in the future. The minutes should be as precise as is possible, but they should be free of personal opinions or discussions that were not relevant to the topic at hand.

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