How to Facilitate a Board Meeting Online

Board meeting online continues to expand as the world becomes aware of the benefits of collaboration via virtual technology. This is a great method to get your members involved and remove the geographical limitations which would otherwise force them to travel for meetings. There are still some hurdles to overcome when implementing this new method. Boards can facilitate a full participation in remote board meetings through advance planning and smart facilitation.

In addition to deciding the meeting’s agenda, it’s important to ensure that all participants have access to the technology they require for the call. It’s ideal to provide a test link and login information ahead of time, and to ask participants to mute their microphones when not speaking, which will aid in reducing background noise and help them better hear the member who is on the floor. Also, it’s an excellent idea to establish a conversation protocol (i.e. the hand-raise method for getting the attention of the group) and also to limit the number of people who are multitasking, since this could lead to confusion during the meeting.

Virtual board meetings can be a challenge to manage because it’s difficult to create the same feeling of comfort as a meeting in person. Icebreakers are one method to create a sense of connection. Ferrazzi Greenlight, for instance, created a series of exercises that be carried out during a videoconference for example, such as a “sweet and bitter check-in” where participants share something for which they’re grateful, as well as something that causes them to struggle professionally https://travelboardroom.com/ or personally. This allows for a more open and vulnerable discussion which can help foster relationships between board members.

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