Compare Bitdefender and Avast Antivirus Software

The internet has evolved significantly over the past decade. The internet is now overflowing with cyber-attacks (also known as malware) which aim to steal your data as well as compromise your privacy and also compromise your financial information.

It is therefore more essential than ever to protect your PC from malware attacks. However, with the multitude of antivirus programs on the market, it can be difficult to decide which is right for you. In this article we’ll look at the most rated Bitdefender and Avast antivirus programs to help you choose which one is best suited to your needs.

Avast and Bitdefender are two highly rated antivirus programs that offer many options to keep your device secure. Both programs have a strong malware detection rate, report a few false alarms and offer numerous additional security features. Bitdefender is a bit more user-friendly. Its free tier offers excellent security and an easy interface that’s not overloaded with links to upgrade to paid plans.

Customer support is another factor that makes Bitdefender stand out. Its extensive support center can answer many frequently asked questions and is easy to use. Furthermore, Bitdefender’s customer service via phone and email support is available 24/7. Additionally, it has a community of experts you can consult for advice. Both Avast and Bitdefender offer easy-to-use interfaces for those who prefer self-service. Both have helpful and friendly staff who can speak to someone.


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