Antivirus Problems and How to Deal With Them

Many people are unaware of the many problems the industry has to face. Even the best antivirus software are susceptible to issues. While some are minor and can be dealt with quickly, other issues are more serious.

One of the biggest problems is that virus-signature browse around these guys protection does not cover a wide variety of threats. It takes antivirus companies several months to release antivirus updates after new viruses are discovered. This is because they need to wait until their products detect the virus and send the virus to be examined.

The virus can spread and dozens or even hundreds of computers could be affected. It may also spread to other networks. To be effective, anti-virus software needs to be able to detect and block such infections very quickly. This means that behaviour-blocking or heuristic analysers are more effective than signature detection.

Incompatibility is a different issue. While the majority of antivirus software developers put a lot of emphasis on developing quality products and pay tremendous attention to fixing bugs, the reality is that sometimes multiple antivirus programs can cause conflicts.

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